400 more red pills added November! Get out there and red pill everyone you know!


What is this site?

A repository... for suppositories. You know, red ones. Think of it as a handy-dandy reference guide.

Are you actively developing this?


Can i support you? Can you support me?

Do good things to do good things, little poppers.

What is this site about?

This site IS about truth. This site IS NOT about violence. Anyone taking this site or anything on it as a call to violence is wrong about the site and wrong about how to solve problems. Discourse rooted in truth is the beginning of finding common ground and solving problems peacefully together. To do that, we must begin with the truth - - that which is being stifled across earth today by all major organizations, institutions, and governments. "The truth shall set us free."

Why did you do this?

Could not find that it had been done yet.

Plans for the site's future?

More functionality, more pills; eventually create your own, upload multiple into categories, chat, and more!

Why does this site suck so much?

Because I'm just some asshole who believes in human rights like free speech, not some walking agenda.

Should I stop saving red pills and rely on this repository?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Continue to save, and keep all redpills OFFLINE as well as on your devices; this is but a handy quick-reference for any on-the-go redpilling needs.

Legal Disclaimer

Files created and posted here are created and posted by anonymous users (unless some tard-strength autist anon has the downy jr. balls to sign one).

This site does not track, does not keep logs, ever. There is one cookie; it exists for day/night mode, and to tell the red warning page to go away if you've been here already. it stores no other info than the word dark.

The webhost, admin, site owner, and anyone associated with the making of/maintaining of this site are absolutely in no way responsible for content posted here.

What is legal in the U.S. (including but not limited to: political hyperbole, offensive content, inconvenient truths, fat hate...) is fair game to post. What is illegal in the U.S. (doxing, CP, threats of violence, calls to violence) is not allowed to be posted. If you post these illegal things, they will be removed; you are responsible for posting, not us. As well, if you are outside the U.S., be aware that posting here may also not be legal.

WARNING: IF YOU ARE FROM CERTAIN NATIONS OUTSIDE THE U.S.: SIMPLY BEING ON THIS SITE MAY LAND YOU IN JAIL, FOR EXAMPLE, THE UNITED KINGDOM (OF RETARDED CUCKS) IS ACTUALLY ARRESTING, TRYING, CONVICTING, AND IMPRISONING PEOPLE FOR VIEWING "RIGHT-WING" WEBSITES. this is not a "right-wing" website; this is a website oriented to the truth. That said, there is undoubtedly some content shared with "right-wing" sites - viewers of which are being thought-crimed as you read.. USE CAUTION AND COMMON SENSE; KNOW YOUR RELATIVE ZIONIST NEW WORLD ORDER LAWS.

Faggot Warning

If your feelings are hurt by words, infographics, the truth, etc... then by all means, feel free togo be with your own kind.



you can't just red pill with all of them
you can't just keep all the red pills in one place!
shit it downy!